International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate 50% of the human race – the women of the world! And earlier this week Georgia also celebrated Mother’s Day. So today we want to celebrate all the women in our project – especially those who are mothers!

One of the aims for the Voices of the Ancestors project is to amplify the women’s voices in this particular story. We want to put the women at the heart of the story.

Awesome Women L-R: Dali, Nino, Teo, Magda, Susan, Holly

There are so many to choose from, but today let’s focus on our central character, Magda Kevlishvili, who is one of the leaders of Amer-Imeri Ethnographic Studio (children’s ensemble) and Mtiebi (adults). She is mother to 7 year old Ilia, daughter of Dali and widow of Gigi Garakanidze.

Magda and Ilia

Her generous spirit is the reason this project can exist. Magda has helped Susan and I understand more about the history of the two choirs, and we have seen first hand how she is continuing the legacy of song-teaching that has been passed down through so many generations.

Daffodils in Oxford

So here are some flowers for Magda, and all the other inspiring women in this story. Let’s be thankful for the women in our lives and show them our love today.

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